autoritrattoBrunacci Gianni is a journalist, writer and photographer in Arezzo, in Tuscany where he lives and works.
His passion for photography dates back to the eighties, when he first started to take pictures with the legendary Olympus XA. Moving on to the equally acclaimed Pentax K1000, Canon has arrived home with the EOS 1000FN, a 35 mm made of lightweight plastic, but still appreciable performance.

Over the years he perfected his technique devouring a disproportionate number of books, magazines and photo books, but especially through the practice field honed during countless journeys.
In the year 2000 he temporarily left to approach the film to digital photography, first with an EOS 1000, then with the EOS 7D and the immense (provided that you do not ask for a high speed action) 5D Mark II.

He has attended various workshops and internships, and gradually acquired a remarkable eclecticism. One feature, the latter, which together literary and journalistic activities, has allowed him to communicate his own feelings through images.
Brunacci is a photographer of people and places (depicted in their environments) that prefers situations in which man and nature cooperated in giving life to citizens or rural environments rich in history, life and poetry. "
The character of a place stems from the joint of man and nature" is the phrase that best represents its most successful photographic performance.

Author, among other things, novels and short stories, published by various publishers a dozen different titles including "Il Verso delle Allodole", "La Maledizione dei Cerchiai", "Canonica Assenza Perpetua", "Rodolfo Durante in arte Manolo "," Arezzo 1353 - The Citadel Disappearance "(author images)," The Cathedral of Arezzo "(images).

Is working on the publication of the volumes "The ancient churches of the territory of Arezzo" on behalf of the Province of Arezzo, and "Portrait of Arezzo, the heart of Italy", a book almost entirely photographic.

The following is a list of technical tools that accompany Brunacci at its outputs.

Digital camera bodies:

- reflex full frame Canon EOS 6D
- reflex APSC Canon EOS 600D

Analog medium format

- telemetro a ottiche intercambiabili - Mamiya 7 (6x7)
- folder telemetro a obiettivo fisso - Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532/16 (6x6)

35mm Analog

- reflex Pentax K1000
- telemetro a obiettivo fisso Canonet QL17 GIII

lomography analog

- Olympus XA
- Fujinon MA1


- Fuji Instax 210